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This site is all about my running which has been a passion of mine ever since I trained for my first London Marathon back in 2000.

In between all the running I also own The Web Development Company which designs and creates web sites, web and mobile applications. I work on a freelance basis and also have two internal projects - Ultrabritain and SweatEngine - underway.

I designed and built my own CMS over several years and use it to built all my sites - this blog was created in two days from scratch (except the posts!) without using templates. Some buffing up still required when I have time!

It builds responsive sites, features SEO best practice such as rich snippets, canonicals, deferred script loading and automatically builds AMP versions of pages.

If you have a web or mobile project you'd like to discuss, or require freelance development time, please get in touch.

My core skills are around Javascript/HTML5/PHP/MySQL
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