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Blog posts from March, 2013

The EnduranceLife Coastal Series Sussex 50k

The run up to the Comrades Marathon continues relentlessly and I've come to my senses and realised that racing the London Marathon this April is not going to help my cause.  Much as I'd love to, a 7-10 day recovery cannot be afforded.  So, it's all about ramping up the distance, the endurance and the miles in time for the 2nd June.I only found this race late in the day and it was already 99% ful…

The #VLM2013 - my advice on the run-in and the race

The London Marathon is now fast approaching and unless disaster strikes late on like it did last year, I'll be toeing the line on the 21st April for the 9th time.The race has a chequered history for me. I've never quite had triumphs - my best run is 2:43 at London despite (I always think!) being in shape to break my 2:37pb there. I have certainly had my fair share of disasters though including a p…