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Blog posts from June, 2018

Hillary Allen - Lavaredo North Face Presentation

Some lively weather forced the location of this talk from Hillary Allen and Fernanda Maciel indoors at the last minute which was unfortunate as I think a lot more would have attended and they were more than worth the effort.I wanted to write a post about this because Hillary's story in particular is immensely inspiring.  It's an extraordinary, medical profession-defying return from near death to …

Lavaredo Ultra Trail 119km

Cortina is a town that has redefined itself as a centre for trail running after the national level winter sports moved away and surrounding this picturesque town are some of the world's greatest trails winding through some of the world's most striking landscapes. Lavaredo is a 4-day trail fest with the main event being the Ultra Trail - a 119km race through 5800 metres of climb.I've run it once be…