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Blog posts from February, 2017

New Nutrition - Fori free-range meat bars

Right folks, let's talk about the second most favourite subject for runners after running - eating. Before I ran my frst ultra and was all about the road marathon, all I packed for the race were 3 SIS gels, stuffed into the tiny key pocket in the shorts. Half the benefit was the mental boost of getting rid of one every 7-8 miles; helping break up the race. The unfortunate side effect was that if y…

MarathonTalk Run Camp 2017

This was Tom and Martin's fourth MarathonTalk run camp down in the New Forest and my second. I was really looking forward to it after last year. I hardly ever do this sort of thing - the only other one I can remember going to in fact was years ago with Runners World - but last year's was excellent and this one looked even more full of events.It's hosted by the curiously-named Sandy Balls - which n…