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Blog posts from May, 2015

I must be mad

The other day I got copied in on a tweet which included a link to an article - this article in fact - which, though absolutely positive in its content (it's about an 80+ year-old striving to break his age group records and, would you believe it, succeeding) includes that tired old mantra that running 'takes people who are a little bit crazy'.As Peter Griffin famously said in Season 4, Episode 28 -…

Transvulcania 2015

This race earned its place in my bucket list ever since seeing a YouTube video of the start a couple of years back. The image of a river of headtorch lightrails streaming up the climb out of Fuencaliente in the pre dawn sealed the deal for me there and then. I'm sitting on a bench in the town square, the finish gantry and podium backdrop the only props left from Saturday's carnival.  I'm trying …