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Blog posts from September, 2014

Farnham Pilgrim Marathon

I ran this marathon for the first time last year and had been looking forward to having another go at it.  Both times it's served as a long training run rather than a race but as I went out extremely slowly last year I was confident I'd go faster this time out.  Did that happen? Read on and find out! But no, it didn't.You can't beat trail running in this fantastic weather.  Sunday was a perfect…

Maidenhead Half Marathon

There are a handful of races for which my attendance copybook is blotted and for the Maidenhead Half it's just all blots.  This is the 4th time the race has been.  I've entered all 4 but have yet to show up.Reasons have ranged from the acceptable 'injured' to the unacceptable 'couldn't be bothered'.  I can't remember exactly why I missed the 3rd event, so let's say 'injured' and prevent further…