Downhill Trail Running - the Emelie Forsberg Technique

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Downhill Trail Running - the Emelie Forsberg Technique

We were talking about downhill trail running technique during yesterday's chat with Stevie Kremer and Ian Corless mentioned a video that Greg Vollet made of Emelie Forsberg's (Queen of the descent) astonishing technique over difficult trail in New Zealand.

I think this is just the most joyous piece of film - Ive lost count how many times I've played this now and I cannot help but bust out in a smile every time I see it.

Descending this sort of stuff is my bete noir.  I don't so much skim over the rocks as Zimmer over them.

I'm trying to pick up pointers but she obviously just goes for it

Stevie said yesterday that  the best way to improve is through fast downhill repeats and I read that Kilian suggests something more insane which is run for 20 seconds downhill with your eyes shut!  I won't be trying that.

But watch this short film and if it doesn't want you to lace up your trail shoes and get out there this instant then you can call me Susan.

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