Laptops for the Diepsloot EduFun project

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Laptops for the Diepsloot EduFun project

I travelled to South Africa and the Two Oceans race in March via Johannesburg where the EduFun charity is based, supporting underpriviledged kids and young adults in the Diepsloot township.

I visited the township last time I was out there for Comrades and it was an experience that will stay with me a long time.

I took a couple of laptops out with me this time, generously donated by Dave of and Chris and thought I'd share where they ended up. I had to check with the charity first because they don't publicise too much locally as it risks making the kids a target for theft or worse.

Here's Helen, my friend who works with the charity:

As you know all of these kids face huge challenges just to get up in the morning, you've seen the township for yourself... crime is rife, and many don't have electricity, water, or any of the other amenities we take for granted. Not only that, English is at the very least their second language, if not third or fourth.

I'm super proud of what these kids are managing to achieve. In fact we had our first graduation this week. Lucky Motloung just graduated from TUT having completed his NDip in Finance and Accounting. Top of his class too!! He has another year now completing his BTech.

EduFun found a couple of their sponsored students to give the machines to. They have a long list; I've no idea how they choose!

Mongezi Mara
Currently studying Office Management and technology at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Mongezi has been sharing a laptop with one of the other students who is also on the same course. It's great that he can now have a laptop of his own and concentrate on his studies, as he's due to graduate at the end of this year.

What's more, when I met him this week, not only was he thrilled about the laptop, he also wants to 'give something back' in honour of the people who have supported him. As such he's volunteered to work with us and become a mentor for kids from Diepsloot.

He's just so proud to be one of the first kids from the township to go on to higher education. He kept talking about how proud his mum was too.

Marvin Mudau

Despite looking pretty serious in this photo, I can assure you Marvin is very sweet and quite a joker. He's also super proud to be studying Humanities at The University Of Johannesburg, majoring in public management and governance.

He chose this in order to make a difference to his community.

I'm so pleased we're able to find good homes for these old machines which would otherwise end up in recycling at best.

If you're interested in donating your old laptops or tablets, please get in touch and I'll see they're given a new life making a big difference to other people's.
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