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The Country To Capital Versus the Comrades

This was probably a mistake with hindsight but I thought it would be entertaining to compare the profiles of the Country to Capital race from mid January to the Comrades.

After all I finished the C2C in pretty good shape (relatively speaking) and it does bestow a UTMB qualifying point so it's no pushover.

I found both races on a couple of mapping websites and scaled the two to match vertical elevation.

This is what results:

Comrades elevation profile

I think it's possible to guess which trace is the Comrades and which the C2C.

I'm trying to take some heart from the fact that there are some gradients in the C2C as steep as those in the Comrades but unfortunately there are many fewer and they are much the shorter.

The orange graph is the London Marathon.  Doesn't look too bad now does it?!

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