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Blog posts tagged 'ambit'

Country to Capital Ultra - the rematch

This was my first ultra a couple of years ago and now becomes the first ultra I've run twice. As I want to run everything and time is limited I don't think there will be many in that category.I re-read my post from 2013 just to see how naive I sounded and the answer was very.  Particularly about the food.  I questioned the supply of party snacks at the time but I've since got with the programme …

Time to upgrade your watch?

Despite being a techie in work terms (I build web sites and the like) I'm a complete luddite when to come to tech gear and the last to adopt any gadget.   Sports watches with any features beyond a stopwatch have been tried and consigned to the cupboard but all that has changed with my Ambit 2S.  I'm no expert on these things and this is not a review of the device but it does have the ability to…