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Thinking about past journeys and future adventures

Thinking about past journeys and future adventures

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Thinking about past journeys and future adventures

Running the World

Now I've built a fancy dan mapping thingummy for the blog I thought it would be kind of fun to pin all the longer races on the CV around the world and see what insights emerged. There's nothing much better or simpler than staring at a World map to start planing future adventures.

So anyway, it started off fun, became less fun then was reduced to a catatonic data-entry exercise of the kind that pays minimum wage and where they closely monitor your fag breaks. But I've got most of them in and this is everything of half marathon distance or over (races that is - there have been a lot of non-races runs of course).

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What struck me first of all as I was reading through the list and reminiscing - this is 16 years' worth after all - was that there were very few I'd not run again. Perhaps the one exception in my entire back catalogue would be the British 10k through central London which was atrocious on every level and I'm led to believe it still is. Anyway, it's too short to feature here.

The second thing that struck is THE VAST SWATHES OF EMPTY SPACE!! Canada - unexplored; Latin America - unexplored; Asia! (though I used to live in Tokyo so can at least claim to running the Tamagawa river a few times).

Canada, Patagonia and Iceland are top of my list at the moment; 2017 is largely a blank canvas and I intend to fill it.  I still have a couple of epic events to come this year - both 100km runs, one in Millau in the French Pyreneesand the year-ender at the Ultra Trail Cape Town in December.

Where's top of your list?
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